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McAuley website Redirections

The McAuley website was shut down on Monday the 27th June 2005 at 5pm at ITCS' recommendation:

    I have reviewed the operation and status of the machine and have come to the conclusion that the risk of a catastrophic and sudden failure of the machine is quite real and is something that can happen at any time. Even though we are not supporting this facility, some staff will still have an expectation that if a facility is provided by the University then it must therefore meet some very basic operational standards. If a machine does not meet these it should not be made available. My analysis of the Mcauley web server indicates that this machine no longer meet these very basic operational standards and we therefore cannot expect staff to use this machine.

    I am therefore authorising the server to be shutdown.

In order for visitors to find your webpages we are providing a redirection service and providing a list of links below to the new website locations. If you had a website on the McAuley webserver we are happy to provide a redirection to your new website location and include a link on this page, just contact the helpdesk with details of your website.

If you need to relocate your website that was on the McAuley web server, please contact the helpdesk with details of your website so that a new location can be found.

This service will continue until the end of the year.

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Last Modified: 27/06/2005